How Would You Like Your Meat Done in France?

Duck breast served rare, How would you like your meat done?
Duck breast is generally served rare in France, but you can ask for it any way you like.

How Would You Like Your Meat Done?

I love French restaurants, don’t you? But sometimes they ask difficult questions, such as: “How would you like your meat done?” (which is French is: “la cuisson de votre viande s’il vous plaît ?”)

How should you answer that question?

How to Order Your Meat in French

First, basic terminology:

  • Bien cuit = Well-done
  • À point = Medium
  • Saignant = Rare
  • Bleu = VERY rare

Secondly, you have to know that most French people prefer their beef prepared rare. What looks “medium” to a French chef may look scary rare to you. Be a great consumer: know what you want, and speak up immediately if you are not happy. French restaurateurs will not mind giving your meat a few more minutes on the grill, so long as you don’t wait 10 minutes to say something. Be decisive and fast!

So, when the waiter asks “How would you like your meat done?” make sure they understand what you mean. Write it down and show them if you have to! And when they bring the food, if you’re not happy how they cooked your meat, be direct and speak up as soon as you are served.




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